Smart-Glass with glass cutting optimization software improves efficiency.

Quality glass cutting optimization software results in minimal glass wastage and more efficient glass fabrication. This is essential for any glass fabrication facility wanting to maximize profits and grow their business. 

You shouldn't have to choose between a great glass drawing and ordering tool and glass cutting optimization software, which is why Smart-Glass for Fabricators integrates with glass cutting optimization software such as Optima, Hanic or Perfect Cut to ensure your glass is processed with the minimal amount of wastage.


Optimizer interfaces

optima logoOptima

Smart-Glass interfaces with Opty-Way, Edit-Way and Opty-Way Enterprise. Optima offer optimization software for glass cutting and solutions for integrated management of glass production planning and barcode tracking.

Visit the Optima website.

Talk to us about setting up Optima integration.

hanic logoHanic

Smart-Glass interfaces with Hanic's optimization software. Hanic provides ERP and glass optimization software.

Visit the HANIC website.

Talk to us about setting up HANIC integration.

perfect cut logoPerfect Cut

Smart-Glass interfaces with Perfect Cut's optimization software. Perfect Cut create glass optimization software designed to reduce the amount of raw material used as well as the processing time involved.

Visit the Perfect Cut website.

Talk to us about setting up Perfect Cut integration.


In addition to the above interfaces, all Smart-Glass drawings can exported as DXF files.

The combination of Smart-Glass and glass cutting optimization software will give you a way to draw glass accurately and fabricate efficiently. Your order entry team will be thrilled — no more re-entering hand-drawn glass orders, and your team on the fabrication floor will be happy to be consistently producing accurate glass first time.

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